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His Will

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His Will

A Dark Imperium prequel short story

Deep in the captured Macragge's Honour, a band of the faithful continue their worship of the God-Emperor, sure their salvation is at hand.

Frater Mathieu is one of the fascinating characters in Guy Haley's Dark Imperium series. Now, explore his faith in the darkest of times as you see where he came from.

When Roboute Guilliman, the returned primarch, took the long journey from Macragge to Terra, he suffered many losses – including his flagship, the Macragge's Honour. Captured by the piratical Red Corsairs, the vessel suffers – and yet deep within its venerable hull, the faithful hold out hope that Guilliman will return and save them from the renegades. Among them is Frater Mathieu, who knows this will happen soon – for the Emperor has plans for His humble servant…

Written by Guy Haley

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