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Wolf's Honour


Wolf's Honour

Book 6 of the Space Wolf series

An ancient enemy returns to plague the Space Wolves, and it falls to Ragnar Blackmane – who lost the Spear of Russ to the Thousand Sons last time they clashed – to retrieve the weapon from his nemesis and save the Chapter.

It's the culmination of six books (and ten thousand years) of battle, as the Thousand Sons return and Ragnar must face his past mistakes and redeem himself in the eyes of his Chapter.


For ten thousand years, the Thousand Sons have sought revenge upon the Space Wolves for the destruction of their home world of Prospero. Now, the time may have come for their final victory. When the Chapter comes under attack, it falls to Ragnar Blackmane and his brothers to launch a lightning strike on the Thousand Sons in a last ditch attempt to stop their ruinous plans. With the aid of brothers long thought lost, Ragnar seeks to retrieve the Spear of Russ, and not only save the day, but regain his honour. But his nemesis, the sorceror Madox, has claimed the spear and stand between the Young Wolf and his victory.

Written by Lee Lightner

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