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Sons of Fenris


Sons of Fenris

Book 5 of the Space Wolf series

Despatched to a distant system to deal with an incursion by servants of the Dark Gods, Ragnar Blackmane and his brothers of the Wolfblade find themselves in conflict with a very different foe – the Dark Angels!


The rivalry between the Space Wolves and Dark Angels is a cornerstone of both Chapters, and it's always fun seeing them work out their differences and unite to face a common foe.


When reports reach Terra of a Chaos incursion on Hyades, Ragnar Blackmane and his Wolfblade brothers are sent to investigate. But once there, they find that all is not what it seems. The Dark Angels, ancient rivals of the Space Wolves, are present and eager to allow old feuds to come to the fore. When both Chapters call in reinforcements, the situation quickly escalates out of control – and there is still the threat of renegades and traitors waiting for them…

Written by Lee Lightner

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