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Lords of Blood


Lords of Blood

A Blood Angels Omnibus

Discover the secrets of the Black Rage in this definitive collection of Blood Angels stories by lauded Black Library author Guy Haley.

The Blood Angels are noble warrior heroes who descend into battle on wings of flame. They have loyally served the God-Emperor for 10,000 years, and have carved out a legacy of victories that stretches across the galaxy.

Baal is besieged. The tendrils of Hive Fleet Leviathan have reached the home system for the Sons of Sanguinius, and Commander Dante, calling upon the Ninth Legion's successor Chapters, is the only thing stopping the Great Devourer from consuming the Blood Angels’ home world. But in order to overcome the insidious xenos, Dante and his Blood Angels must also face an enemy within – The Flaw, a curse in their veins that they must counter if they are to reach their former glory.

Can Dante defend Imperium Nihilus from enemies far greater than the Tyranid swarms that once threatened their home world? Or are the sons of Sanguinius doomed to succumb to the darkness in their blood?

Three novels:
- Dante
- The Devastation of Baal
- Darkness in The Blood

Two short stories:
- Astorath: Angel of Mercy
- Redeemer

Written by Guy Haley.

Free Extracts:

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