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Accursed Eternity


Accursed Eternity

A Space Marine Battles novella

The Star Dragons and Blood Swords Space Marine Chapters are enlisted to storm the Accursed Eternity, an infamous daemonship which has plagued the Imperium for countless millennia.

It's a dangerous journey into the heart of darkness for two Space Marine Chapters, as they come up against the might of one of the most infamous daemons in the galaxy...

Space Marines of the Blood Swords and Star Dragons Chapters are enlisted by Inquisitor Remigius of the Ordo Malleus to storm the infamous daemonship known as the Accursed Eternity. But all is not as it first appears, and what should have been a relatively simple mission rapidly devolves into a hellish warp-spawned nightmare - the stage is set for a galaxy-spanning tale of Chaotic intrigue and of a war which has lasted for ten thousand years...

Written by S P Cawkwell

This novella can also be found in Architect of Fate.