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Endeavour of Will


Endeavour of Will

A Space Marine Battles novella

Captain Lysander leads a desperate defence of the Imperial Fists’ starfort Endeavour of Will against an attack by the Iron Warriors. To what lengths will he go to ensure victory?

Chaos Space Marines of the Iron Warriors Legion launch a devastating attack upon their hated foes the Imperial Fists, crippling one of their principal starforts. Unperturbed, the heroic Captain Darnath Lysander withdraws his warriors to a second stronghold, the Endeavour of Will, to weather the rest of the assault. But as the Iron Warriors' methods are revealed, critical and desperate decisions must be made, lest their insidious techno-contagion spread throughout the Imperial Fists' fleet and beyond...

Written by Ben Counter. This novella can also be found in the anthology Architect of Fate

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