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Howl of the Hearthworld

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Howl of the Hearthworld

A Horus Heresy short story

A Space Wolves pack rails at being sent back to Terra to watch over Rogal Dorn.

The Wolves think themselves the guardians over the loyalty of the Legions even the castellans of Terra, the Imperial Fists. Find out how the wolf pack assigned to guard over the most redoubtable of all the Emperor's sons, Rogal Dorn, feel about their mission.

In the wake of Prospero and Magnus' betrayal, Space Wolves watch packs were sent to keep an eye on each primarch, ready strike should treachery rear its head. One pack made their way to Terra itself, assigned to the Emperor's praetorian, Rogal Dorn... and they're not happy about it. After all, the only thing that awaits them on Terra is boredom. Isn't it?

Written by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. This story is also available in Death and Defiance.

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