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Embers of Extinction

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Embers of Extinction

A Perturabo short story

After the disastrous Battle of Phall, Perturabo sets his legion on a course of destruction that will leave them forever changed.

Get new insights into Perturabo's hatred of Dorn and the Imperial Fists in a tale that fills in what the Iron Warriors primarch did after Phall.

For many long years, Perturabo has harboured a grudge against his primarch brother Rogal Dorn. With the outset of the Horus Heresy, he has a chance to finally avenge himself against Dorn and his Imperial Fists – but the disastrous Battle of Phall has just embittered him further. Determined to slake his thirst for revenge, Perturabo sets his Iron Warriors on a mission to devastate Dorn's sons… at any cost.

Written by Brandon Easton

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