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Child Of Chaos

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Child Of Chaos

A Word Bearers story

In the deserts of Colchis, the events that led to the Horus Heresy began. Key among them was Erebus. Yet little is know of this arch-traitor's origins and motivations. Prepare to learn the truth behind his lies…

Discover the true story of Erebus – beloved character and reviled traitor, one of the architects of the Horus Heresy itself – in his own words.


Whisper the name Erebus, for it is a curse and a beseechment to the dark gods. It is perhaps true that evil does not start out as such. Some tragedy, some error of judgement… Not so with Erebus. His evil has ever been ingrained. On Colchis, his story begins, the arch-heretic who turned his face from the Emperor to embrace the pantheon of Chaos.

Written by Chris Wraight

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