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Nagash the Sorcerer

Time of Legends

Nagash the Sorcerer

Book 1 of the Rise of Nagash

In the ancient and powerful kingdom of Nehekhara, one man is about to change the course of history and create power that will echo across millennia and into new worlds. Nagash is rising.

It's the first in a tale that spans centuries, and shows the rise to power of a man who will ultimately become one of the most powerful beings in the world – and beyond.

Two millennia before the time of Sigmar, the Nehekharan empire flourished in the hot desert lands far to the south of the Old World. Unbeknown to its people, this mighty kingdom is about to be shaken to its very foundations, when a quest for ultimate power will damn the land and its people forever. Nagash, one of the priests of the cult of death, desires more than faith, and will stop at nothing to claim not… not even at death itself.

Written by Mike Lee

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