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Underhive Apex


Underhive Apex

A Mad D'onne story

A bounty hunt turns into a deadly struggle against Cawdor zealots and Goliath brutes for D'onne Ulanti – just another day for her, really…

Descend into the underhive and witness a three-way war between gangs and a dangerous bounty hunter, with one man trapped in the middle.

D'onne Ulanti is an underhive legend whose name inspires fear for one simple reason: where "Mad D'onne" walks, carnage follows. Hunting a bounty who is in the hands of a band of zealous Cawdors, Ulanti finds herself in deep danger when a Goliath gang lumber into her field of fire – and mayhem ensues. Caught between two warring forces, with only her wits, her cunning and her ogryn bodyguard "Dog" for protection, D'onne must survive and get her quarry out from under the nose of both rival gangs. All in a day's work.

Written by Will McDermott

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