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Once a Stimm Queen


Once a Stimm Queen

A Necromunda story

On a job for some Goliath clients, the juves of the Stimm Queens fall foul of the Enforcers, Necromunda's vicious lawmen. As they scramble to survive, things look bleak…

It's a tale of desperate survival against impossible odds, and the bonds forged in diversity.

No job in the underhive ever goes smoothly. Whether it's a rival gang taking petty revenge, an attack by mutated wild creatures or the perils of the crumbling hive itself, trouble lurks around every corner. So the Stimm Queens, on a job for some Goliath clients, never really expected it to run smoothly. But when the Enforcers, Necromunda's black-armoured lawmen, join the party, things look particularly bleak. A handful of juves try desperately to survive, clinging to vain hope and each other as darkness descends.

Written by Robbie MacNiven

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