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The Dead Kingdom


The Dead Kingdom

A Cado Ezechiar Novel

The Hollow King's hunt for vengeance brings him to Lethis, the capital city of the Realm of Death, as he finds himself caught in a war of deception.

Follow the legendary Soulblight Gravelords vampire Cado Ezechiar as he continues his hunt for vengeance. How will the Hollow King cope when he finds himself stuck between Neferata, the Mortarch of Blood, and Mannfrred, the Mortarch of Night?

Cado Ezechiar, the Hollow King, once watched as his kingdom burned and his family were butchered. His endless hunt for the Chaos cult responsible – the mysterious Burning Hand – has led him all over Shyish, and now finally brings him to Lethis, capital city of the Realm of Death. But as he closes in on his quarry, and the shadowy metropolis that harbours them, old debts emerge from the gloom.

Pressed back into the service of Neferata, Cado is sent to the kingdom of Calyx, where the queen’s thralls are mired in conflict with Mannfred Von Carstein. There, he finds himself caught up in a war of deception, and soon faces a terrible choice: leave Calyx and its people to drown in the crimson tides of war, or defy the Queen of Blood.

Written by John French. Narrated by Richard Reed. Running time 11 hours and 5minutes (approx.)

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