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Saga of the Mortal Realms


Saga of the Mortal Realms

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar Audio Drama Collection

The Mortal Realms come to life in this audio drama collection. Some of your favourite authors bring you tales of war and eternal struggle for control of the realms in full-cast recordings.

The balance of power in the Mortal Realms is ever-shifting. Gods, men, monsters and all manner of magical beings vye for primacy in a whorl of violence and politics. Dive into the action and intrigue of Warhammer Age of Sigmar like never before with this collection of full-cast audio dramas written by Black Library stalwarts including David Annandale, Josh Reynolds, Guy Haley, and more.

The Prisoner of the Black Sun by Josh Reynolds
Sands of Blood by Josh Reynolds
The Lords of Helstone by Josh Reynolds
The Bridge of Seven Sorrows by Josh Reynolds
Great Red by David Guymer
The Beasts of Cartha by David Guymer
Fist of Mork, Fist of Gork by David Guymer
Only the Faithful by David Guymer
Eight Lamentations: War-Claw by Josh Reynolds
The Autumn Prince by Guy Haley
A Place of Reflection by David Guymer
Doombound by David Annandale
The Imprecations of Daemons by Nick Kyme
Guns of the Black Eagle by C L Werner
Black Atonement by David Annandale
Hungerfiend by Guy Haley
The Palace of Memory by David Guymer
The Denied by Josh Reynolds
Sons of Behemat by Graeme Lyon

Approx run time 16 hours and 20 mins

Free Extracts: