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William King


Book 4 of the Space Wolf series

Exiled to Terra to join the Wolfblade – honour guards for Navigator House Belisarius – Ragnar Blackmane must navigate the politics of the Throneworld is he is to unravel an assassination plot and regain his honour.

It's a very different tale for young Ragnar. Stripped of everything he knows – his pack, his world and his honour – and sent into an unfamiliar environment, can he survive and thrive, or will he fail and fall?


The ancient Navigator House of Belisarius has long been bound to the mighty Space Wolves as allies. In return for the means to navigate the treacherous warp, the Space Wolves provide an honour guard of elite warriors – the Wolfblade – to protect the House. When Ragnar, exiled to Terra for his role in the loss of the Spear of Russ, takes up his duties on ancient Terra he soon becomes embroiled in an assassination plot that reaches into the very depths of Imperium! Unused to the delicate political machinations, Ragnar must resort to the howling fury of the Wolves if he is to save this noble dynasty and regain his honour!

Written by William King

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