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A Mug of Recaff

Sandy Mitchell

A Mug of Recaff

A Ciaphas Cain short story

The mission is over and a world saved – and it falls to Trooper Jurgen to secure the greatest prize of all: a fresh mug of recaff for his master, Commissar Ciaphas Cain.

A short but sweet little tale that thrusts Commissar Cain's malodorous sidekick into the limelight as he faces the last holdouts of a Chaos occupation all by himself...

Another mission to purge the worlds of the Imperium of the followers of Chaos ends in success, thanks to the inspired leadership of Commissar Cain. Realising it's time to reward his master with a hot cup of recaff, Jurgen, his faithful servant, heads off to seek refreshment, but finds rather more than he bargained for in the heart of the defeated cultists' stronghold.

Written by Sandy Mitchell

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