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Cain's Last Stand


Cain's Last Stand

Book 6 of the Ciaphas Cain series

The Imperium's most unlikely hero is back, reluctantly returning to the front line and hoping his luck will hold out!

This entry from the Cain Archives takes the Hero of the Imperium into his greatest – and possibly last – battle. He's an old man in this one, pulled out of retirement for one last mission as the hordes of Chaos close in on the Imperium...


After a long and distinguished career defending the Imperium from its many enemies, Commissar Cain is enjoying a well-deserved retirement on Perlia, teaching in a schola progenium. But when a Black Crusade threatens the sector, all able-bodied citizens must rise to the defence, including Cain and his cadets. As the forces of Chaos overwhelm Perlia, can the wily commissar prove himself to be a real hero of the Imperium one last time?

Written by Sandy Mitchell. Running time 10 hours and 31 minutes. Performed by Stephen Perring, Penelope Rawlins, Richard Reed, John Banks, and Phillipe Bosher

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