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The Wild King

Robbie MacNiven

The Wild King

Part 7 of the Legacy of Russ series

The Space Wolves have achieved a small victory, but at what cost? And what of the rest of the Fenris system, and the Imperial forces who stand arrayed to defend it?

Even in victory, things look bleak. But that's when the Space Wolves are best, isn't it? Find out to what lengths they'll go to keep their home world standing.

The Space Wolves’ battle to reclaim their home system of Fenris from the clutches of Chaos has been costly, but finally a victory is achieved. Aided by the wulfen, the Space Wolves manage to drive the daemons from the surface of Svellgard, and close the warp portals. But their ultimate success is far from certain – the forces of Chaos are still abundant and strong, and despite the arrival of unexpected allies, the Imperium has a hard fight on its hands.

Written by Robbie MacNiven

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