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The Young Wolf's Return

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The Young Wolf's Return

Part 2 of the Legacy of Russ series

With daemons infesting the worlds of the Fenris system and the Space Wolves fighting for their very existence, a new threat emerges: a coalition of Space Marine Chapters ready to destroy the taint of Chaos and all it touches… led by the Dark Angels.

Ten millennia of enmity between the Space Wolves and the Dark Angels comes to this: the fate of Fenris and the sons of Russ might lie in the hands of the children of the Lion. What will happen? We can barely begin to guess.

As the Fenris System is beset on all fronts by a vast daemonic incursion, the Space Wolves fight with redoubled savagery and heroism. A conflict of such magnitude cannot remain unnoticed by the wider Imperium however, and over a dozen other Space Marine Chapters, the Dark Angels foremost amongst them, stand ready to enforce the ultimate sanction against those planets drowning under the endless waves of warp-spawn. Worse, the Great Wolf himself, Logan Grimnar, is still missing. Will salvation arrive in time for the Sons of Russ, or will their Chapter suffer a blow from which they might never recover?

Written by Robbie MacNiven

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