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Fate Unbound

Robbie MacNiven

Fate Unbound

Part 8 of the Legacy of Russ series

It's the final battle, the beginning of the end... or so the Space Wolves hope. But when treachery strikes, the sons of Russ discover that their true battle hasn't even begun.

After seven previous instalments of Fenrisian action and Chaotic intrigue, it all comes down to this: someone in the Imperial battleforce is a traitor. But who? And who's really behind the cataclysm that has beset the Space Wolves? Only one way to find out...

Just as the Space Wolves’ battle against Chaos seems to be taking a turn in their favour, discord strikes the heart of the Imperial forces. In the crusade fleet, accusations of treachery fly – just how far has the dark touch of Chaos reached, and can anyone be trusted? The Space Marines are forced to put their differences aside and confront the true villain – whatever the cost, this is the only way to achieve victory over the forces of darkness.

Written by Robbie MacNiven

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