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The Wolf Within

Rob Sanders

The Wolf Within

Part six in the Space Wolves Quick Reads series

The search for Logan Grimnar leads the Space Wolves into an uneasy alliance... with their old rivals, the Dark Angels. Chaos is rising and it's going to take both Chapters to stop it. But something else is lurking in the darkness, with a link to the past. But is it the past of the Lion's sons, or Russ'?

It's always fun seeing the Space Wolves and Dark Angels together, and when they're both desperate and keeping secrets, the stakes are higher than ever and the tension is deadly...

Newly escaped from Commorragh, Krom and his men are reunited with Ulrik and the rest of the Space Wolves. Temporarily joining forces with the Dark Angels, the Space Wolves land on a hive world to seek a renegade Space Marine who could hold a clue as to the current whereabouts of their missing Chapter Master, Logan Grimnar. But in the depths of a corrupt cathedral, the Space Marines discover foes both mighty and unexpected. Will the fragile alliance between their two Chapters endure?

Written by Rob Sanders

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