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Konrad Curze: A Lesson in Darkness

Ian St Martin

Konrad Curze: A Lesson in Darkness

A Primarchs audio drama

A world refuses unity, preferring to remain free of mankind's Imperium. But that cannot be tolerated. And so the Night Lords arrive to take the peaceful planet by force…

Ian St Martin sets his dark side loose in a sinister tale of the Night Lords and their monstrous commander, the Night Haunter himself.

Piamen is a tranquil world in the far reaches of the galaxy. Since throwing off the yoke of alien invaders, they have remained free and peaceful… until the coming of the Imperium. When they refuse to join mankind's star-spanning empire, a force of Legiones Astartes is despatched to bring the planet to compliance. And when the Night Lords come, darkness falls. Piamen will never be the same…

Written by Ian St Martin
Running time: 27 minutes. Performed by John Banks, Beth Chalmers, Matthew Hunt, Jonathan Keeble and Toby Longworth.

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