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Crossed Swords

Ben Counter

Crossed Swords

A Space Marine Battles short story

The death of the Astral Knights Chapter will be long remembered. But for a squad of battle-brothers who fall in the depths of the World Engine, there will be no such glory…

The Astral Knights’ valiant crusade into the heart of the necron World Engine comes under threat when long-standing grudges threaten to tear a task force apart from within. A fascinating look at the culture of the Chapter and how it can affect them in battle – for better or worse.

For months, the necron terror device known as the World Engine has carved a path of destruction through the Vidar sector. Now, the forces of the Imperium make a last-ditch effort to destroy it. The entire Astral Knights Space Marine Chapter have landed on the World Engine, seeking to annihilate it from within. As a makeshift squad battles necron constructs, long-standing rivalries cause conflict amongst the battle-brothers and threaten to doom them - and perhaps the mission. Can the Astral Knights overcome their differences in time to make a difference?

Written by Ben Counter

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