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The Everliving Legion


The Everliving Legion

A Necrons anthology

Long ago, the dread necrons traded their fragile mortal bodies for the promise of immortality. Now they rise once more, determined to rebuild their empire on the bones of mankind's Imperium.

This collection of seven stories gives an overview into one of the deadliest emerging threats to the Imperium, and captures the true horror of this ancient alien menace. The necrons embody the very essence of the Warhammer 40,000 universe: a faded shadow of a once great and powerful empire, and an ancient evil that will surely play its part in mankind's extinction.

Across the galaxy, an ancient evil rises to reclaim the remnants of its shattered empire. The dread necrons are a race of un-living metallic warriors. Long ago, they traded their fragile mortal bodies for the promise of immortality, only to find that had sacrificed their souls for an eternity of damnation.

The Lords of Borsis
 and The Word of the Silent King by L J Goulding
But Dust in the Wind by Jonathan Green
Cold Steel by David Guymer
Veil of Darkness by Nick Kyme
Flayed by Cavan Scott
Mission: Annihilate by Gav Thorpe

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