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Space Marines: Terminators


Space Marines: Terminators

In this anthology, you will find the novella Sin of Damnation and a quartet of action-packed short stories featuring Terminators battling dread alien foes in the claustrophobic depths of space hulks.

Clad in the impenetrable Tactical Dreadnought Armour, Terminator Space Marines are the best of the best, given the most difficult missions in the most dangerous of warzones. Collected here are five tales of impossible heroism.


Space Marine Terminators are the veterans of their Chapters, first among equals in their brotherhoods of warriors. To them fall the most dangerous of missions, such as boarding the massive space hulks that carry vicious aliens and Chaos-tainted renegades through the drifting tides of the immaterium. Their weapons are mighty, their will indomitable, and their fury absolute. With bolter, flamer and blade they vow to clear space hulks of the Imperium's foes – or die trying.

The Black Pilgrims
 by Guy Haley
Two Kinds of Fool by Graham McNeill
Sin of Damnation and Sanguis Irae by Gav Thorpe
Hunt-Sense by Chris Wraight

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