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Voice of Experience

J C Stearns

Voice of Experience

A Warhammer 40,000 short story

Kalice Arkady, a human auxiliary within the T'au Empire, is assigned to investigate a series of suspicious accidents – but unexpected enemies lurk in the shadows.

Immerse yourself in the Greater Good through the eyes of a human converted to the cause – and witness an investigation into something sinister within the worlds of the T'au Empire.

Few are the humans who can claim to be trusted members of the T'au Empire. Among their number is Kalice Arkady, a former Astra Militarum officer whose conversion to the Greater Good has been total and successful. Alas, there are others among the gue'vesa – the human auxiliaries who fight alongside their t'au allies – who see their alien saviours as oppressors and would stand against them. Assigned to investigate a series of accidents that may be human sabotage against the t'au, Arkady is drawn into a mystery that will reveal new enemies lurking in the shadows…

Written by J C Stearns

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