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God King


God King

Book 3 of the Legend of Sigmar

Sigmar's empire is united. He has defeated the greenskins, thwarted a Chaos invasion and peace beckons – until an old power returns in the distant south, one that would claim Sigmar's empire as his own. Nagash returns…

Of all Sigmar's mighty deeds, his vanquishing of Nagash is perhaps the greatest. And here, Graham McNeill tells the whole story of the first necromancer's invasion of Sigmar's new empire, and the beginning of the antipathy between them (which is all the more relevant now that they are gods in the Age of Sigmar…)

Sigmar, the first Emperor, is a god amongst men, a peerless leader and an unbreakable warrior. Having defeated the Chaos invasion of Middenheim, the Empire knows a measure of peace. But in the vast deserts of Nehekhara, another empire is rising. Nagash, the most feared of necromancers, is determined to claim dominance over the Old World, crushing all before him with an unstoppable and nightmarish army. Legions of unnatural creatures swarm the Empire. Sigmar must defend the lands of the living from the hordes of the dead and prevent Nagash's terrible vision of power coming true.

Written by Graham McNeill. Narrated by Martyn Ellis. Audio run time 12 hours and 12 minutes approx.

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