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Carcharodons: Red Tithe


Carcharodons: Red Tithe

A Warhammer 40,000 Audio

Night has fallen on the prison world of Zartak. Renegades from the Imperium's dawn stalk the complex, delivering pain and death. Yet something just as dangerous awaits them: the brutal, predatory, but ultimately loyal Space Marine Chapter known as the Carcharodons.

It's a gripping tale, as stalking Night Lords face the Imperium's most predatory Space Marines in a darkened prison – with wardens and convicts caught in the middle.

On the prison world of Zartak, darkness has fallen on arbitrators and inmates alike. The Night Lords have come, bringing with them the shadow of fear and pain. But these monsters are not the only ones with an interest in Zartak. From the void, running on silent, another fleet emerges.

These Space Marine warriors are grey-clad and white-faced, and their eyes are as black as the Outer Dark – the savage Carcharodon Astra. As two packs of ancient, merciless predators stalk the shadows of the prison colony, both seeking a single young inmate with unnatural talents, the corridors run red, and both factions will have to fight tooth and claw to leave Zartak alive.

Written by Robbie MacNiven. Narrated by Shogo Miyakita. Running time 9 hours and 48 minutes (approx).

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