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The Infinite Tableau

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The Infinite Tableau

A Deathwatch story

Following the trail of missing Adeptus Mechanicus explorators, a trio of Deathwatch find themselves embattled and endangered when the necrons attack.

It's a tense and creepy tale with a fantastic twist.

A trio of Deathwatch – Cassiel of the Blood Angels, Tanaka of the White Scars and Var'myr of the Mortifactors – lead a team of Inquisitorial troopers to an ice-bound moon in search of missing Adeptus Mechanicus explorators. Following their trail into ancient caverns, the Deathwatch find something far older and more sinister than they were expecting – warriors of the necrons, determined to destroy the intruders!

Written by Anthony Reynolds

This story was originally published in the anthology Deathwatch: Xenos Hunters.

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