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The Ambassador

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The Ambassador

Book 1 of the Ambassador Chronicles

In the icy Northern Wastes, a mighty army of darkness prepares to sweep southward and lay waste to civilised lands of the Empire. In this dangerous time, retired Imperial general Kaspar von Velten is sent to Kislev as ambassador to the court of Tsarina Katarin.

Kislev is under-explored in Warhammer fiction, but Graham McNeill rights that here with a tale that delves into the very heart of what makes the Kislevite people who they are.

Grizzled ex-general Kaspar von Velten finds himself unprepared for his duties as the new ambassador to the court of Tsarina Katarin, the dangerous and unpredictable Ice Queen of Kislev. Not ready for the power struggles and politics, Kaspar is soon using his battlefield experience to cajole, influence, and get his way. But when a member of the Tsarina's family is murdered in Kaspar's homeland, relationships become strained to the point of war. Can Kaspar unravel the mystery and stop the impending conflict?

Written by Graham McNeill