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A Sabbat Crusade story

As the Tanith First recover from the horrors of Salvation's Reach, Elodie Daur sets out to solve a mystery and finds herself in deadly peril.

It's a dark tale of life behind the front line, and shows that the horrors of war aren't restricted to the battlefield.

On the starship Highness Ser Armaduke, the Tanith First recover from the horrors of their mision to Salvation's Reach. As the troopers recuperate, something is going on among the regimental hangers-on – the women and children who travel with the Ghosts. The women are scared. Some are injured. Something bad is happening, and Elodie Daur, wife of one of the regiment's senior officers, wants to get to the bottom of it… even if it brings her into conflict with dangerous forces within the Tanith.

Written by Nik Vincent

This story originally appeared in the anthology Sabbat Crusade.

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