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A Warhammer Horror Novel

An evil entity stalks the forest of Briardark, and the revered beasthunter Samuel Helmgaart must recover from tragedy to protect his village.

Continue exploring the tale of Mhurghast and find out what life looks like in Shyish, the Realm of Death, as nightmares become reality.

Evil stirs in Briardark, an ancient forest that looms over the Shyishan village of Felstein, where whispers abound of the spectres and brutes that lurk amongst the trees.

One man keeps these perils at bay – Samuel Helmgaart, the revered beasthunter of Felstein – but when tragedy strikes his family, an unknowable foe is unleashed, one that stalks the villagers and turns neighbour against neighbour.

Soon, a witch hunt ensues, and in the midst of his own sorrow Samuel’s daughter, Cicely, struggles with grief that has twisted into something dark. To save her, the beasthunter must track down the entity in the forest, and the evil that beckons to his daughter from beyond a most hostile grave.

Written by C. L. Werner. Narrated by Gabrielle Nellis-Pain. Running time 10 hours and 33 minutes (approx).

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