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Hammer and Bolter : Issue 17

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Hammer and Bolter : Issue 17


Hammer & Bolter is Black Library’s monthly fiction magazine. Each issue is packed with all-new short stories, serialised novels, interviews, previews and more.

In this issue:

  • The Lion - The first part of a brand new Horus Heresy novella by Gav Thorpe, featuring the Lord of the First Legion, Master of the Dark Angels, the primarch Lion El’Jonson.
  • Vermilion - The Imperial Fists fall upon an Inquisition outpost in this brand new short story from Ben Counter.
  • Stromfels’s Teeth – Josh Reynolds returns with a tale of the Knights of Manann protecting Marienburg from an invasion of shark-creatures, servants of the dreaded storm god Stromfels.
  • The Iron Without – As the Iron Warriors lay siege to Calth, Warsmith Honsou has a special mission for one of his lieutenants in this tale by Graham McNeill.
  • An Extract from 'Knight of the Blazing Sun' - Hector Goetz and the Knights of the Blazing Sun wage war on the dreaded greenskins and mysterious figures plot and scheme in this exclusive extract from Josh Reynolds’s new novel.

This issue contains stories from Josh Reynolds and Graham McNeill, as well as the first part of a serialised story from Gav Thorpe.