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An Astra Militarum novel

Sergeant Wulfe leads his armoured tank company on Golgotha to locate and retrieve the Fortress of Arrogance, battle tank of the renowned Commissar Yarrick.

It's a fantastic example of taking an element from the existing background and crafting a story from it, as Steve Parker answers the question of what happened to Yarrick's battle fortress after he was captured on Golgotha.


Sergeant Wulfe leads his armoured tank company, the Gunheads, to the hostile alien world of Golgoltha as part of an Imperial battlegroup. Their mission is to locate and retrieve the Fortress of Arrogance, a battle tank that belonged to the legendary Commissar Yarrick, hero of Hades Hive. If Wulfe can keep his mind and men together, and the Imperial forces can retrieve the tank, this will have a huge boost on morale in the Armageddon campaign‚ but are they risking their lives needlessly?

Written by Steve Parker

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