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Furnaces of Haeleon

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Furnaces of Haeleon

Part one of the Red Path Quick Reads series

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A brand new series begins, focusing on the infamous Khârn the Betrayer and his blood-soaked wars against both the Imperium and his fellow Chaos Space Marines.

Kill, maim, burn, kill, maim, burn, kill, maim, burn, blood for the Blood God, skulls for the skull throne of Khorne! (Also, it's free and it's about one of the 41st millennium's most ruthless and fasciating characters. What have you got to lose?)

Khârn the Betrayer wages bloody war across the Imperium, following the Red Path and leading his warband of Khorne Berzerkers in greater and greater acts of battle and bloodshed against all-comers. Abaddon desires to yoke Khârn's strength and ferocity for his own ends, but the Champion of Khorne will not kneel easily as his violent crusade brings him into conflict not only with the Imperium but also the Black Legion...

Written by Chris Dows

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