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Dark Son

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Dark Son

An Aeldari story

A drukhari incubus, raised and trained to inflict pain and fear on others to avoid his own and keep She Who Thirsts from his soul – finds another way when he is captured by his Craftworlder kin.

It's a companion piece to Gav's Eldar Path series, exploring the fluidity of aeldari society and the way in which even the most depraved and degraded members of their race can find redemption through the Paths followed by the Craftworlders.

Fear drives the drukhari – fear of She Who Thirsts, the monstrous Chaos God who would consume their souls. For the incubus Kolidaran, that fear drives him, like all his kind, down dark paths and into committing terrible acts to stave Slaanesh's jaws away from his soul. But when an attack on their Craftworlder kin leads to Kolidaran being imprisoned on Alaitoc, he begins to see that there might be another, better way to secure his soul, and takes his first steps on the Path of the Warrior…

Written by Gav Thorpe

This story also appears in the Path of the Eldar omnibus.

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