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A Gloomspite Gitz story

As vengeful duardin gather to reclaim their ancestral home, Ratgob, ruler of Shriekstone, is determined to defend what's his – from the stunties and his ambitious shaman.

Get into the head of a loonboss as he plots and schemes in a tale filled with brutal war, bitter infighting and the very darkest of humour.

In Shriekstone, amidst what once once a Fyreslayer lodge, Ratgob and his Gloomspite Gitz reign supreme. For longer than the loonboss can remember, the mountain has belonged to his kind – and as tens of thousands of vengeful Fyreslayers gather at his gate, eager to take back their ancestral home, he determines that they will fail. No matter the cost, Shriekstone will remain green…

Written by Evan Dicken

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