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Inferno! An Age of Sigmar Collection


Inferno! An Age of Sigmar Collection

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar Short Story Collection

In this anthology, you'll find 21 stories from across the Mortal Realms. First published in Inferno!, there are fresh yarns from your favourite authors, plus debut stories from up-and-coming Black Library luminaries.

Inferno! has long been a home for sensational Warhammer short fiction, and has acted as proving ground for many up-and-coming Warhammer writers, many of whom have gone on to become household names. In this collection of short stories set in the Mortal Realms and previously published in Inferno!, you'll find thrilling tales from established novelists including C L Werner and Ben Counter, as well as newer Warhammer writers like Liane Merciel and Jaine Fenn.

Red Knight by Miles A Drake
Mourning in Rainhollow by Dave Gross
Blood Drought by Eric Fomley
The Nefarious Antipustulent of Clan Morbidus by David Guymer
Roadwarden by Liane Merciel
Trail of Ash by Graeme Lyon
No Matter the Cost by Michael R Fletcher
Mournclaw by Ben Galley
River of Death by Anna Stephens
Watchers of Battle by Ben Counter
The Manse of Mirrors by Nick Horth
The Fourfold Wound by Eric Gregory
The Serpent's Bargain by Jamie Crisalli
The Unlamented Archpustulent of Clan Morbidus by David Guymer
In the Mists of Chaos by Rik Hoskin
The Book of Transformations by Matt Keefe
From the Deep by Jaine Fenn
Faith in Thunder by Robert Charles
Ties of Blood by Jamie Crisalli
No Honour Among Vermin by C L Werner
The Path to Glory by Evan Dicken

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