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The Trophy (eBook)

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The Trophy (eBook)

Sent to rescue an Imperial general from in the midst of an ork horde, a squad of Militarum Tempestus scions are hunted by something more savage and ruthless than they can imagine.


A Militarum Tempestus story by Nicolas Alexander

The Trophy is available to download now.


As the greenskins of Waaagh! Ugskraka spread across Balle Prime, a high-ranking Imperial general is lost, his transport shot down by crude ork fighters. He must be rescued from the alien hordes - a job for the scions of the Militarum Tempestus. Tribune Leander and his men head into the heart of the enemy force, battling both the jungle and the greenskins as they search for their target - but even as they close on the general, they are being hunted by a force more savage and ruthless than they can imagine'