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The Skull Harvest

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The Skull Harvest

An Iron Warriors story

Warsmith Honsou needs an army. On the world of New Badab, a force of renegades, mutants and aliens awaits him – if he can survive Huron Blackheart's Skull Harvest.

It's the next step in Honsou's evolution from renegade half-breed to feared warlord, as he gathers forces in preparation for a massive assault on Ultramar…


Honsou, Warsmith of the Iron Warriors, has sworn revenge on the Ultramarines Captain Uriel Ventris, but he needs warriors. In the shadow of the Maelstrom, on the world of New Badab, he finds the chance, as the mighty Huron Blackheart holds the Skull Harvest. An army of renegades, mutants and aliens is Honsou's to command – if he can survive.

Written by Graham McNeill

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