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The Last Crucible

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The Last Crucible

An Inquisition short story

Treachery is afoot in an Imperial war zone – and Inquisitor Kataryn Moloth wants to root it out with the aid of a disgraced officer.

Discover how the Inquisition's Ordo Militarum works through an investigation into a war that's not going well.

On the world of Eleutane, the Astra Militarum hold the line against a resurgent necron empire, awaiting reinforcement to push onwards to victory. But Inquisitor Kataryn Moloth thinks there's more at play than meets the eye. The forces arrayed on Eleutane – Elysians, Valhallans, and more – should have defeated the necrons. Treachery is afoot. Recruiting a disgraced officer to her service, Inquisitor Moloth sets out to discover the truth.

Written by Noah Nguyen

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