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The Black Pearl (eBook)

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The Black Pearl (eBook)

Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain Uzziel leads a strike force to the elder world of Lughnasa. The goal of his search? The legendary Lion Sword once wielded by the primarch himself.


The secrets and lies of the Dark Angels are laid bare in a tale filled with compelling action and very human failings. This story looks at how even those who lead the hunt for the Fallen can have everything they hold to be true crushed in a heartbeart - when they listen to the words of the traitors.


Uzziel, one of the Dark Angels' most effective Interrogator-Chaplains, believes that he has uncovered the whereabouts of the Chapter's most prized relic - the legendary Lion Sword once wielded by the primarch himself. Based on information gleaned from one of the mysterious Fallen, he leads a clandestine strike force to the eldar-held world of Lughnasa, and soon finds that he must vanquish not only the xenos but also the spirits of warriors long dead, if he is to retrieve the blade and restore a portion of the Lion's honour...

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