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Red Salvage

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Red Salvage

Kal Jerico story

Investigating the wreck of an ancient ship, Kal Jerico, Scabbs and Yolanda face deadly dangers and treachery.

Take a trip into the deepest depths of the underhive with the roguish bounty hunter as he faces perils both obvious and hidden.

The underhive holds many sinister secrets, and swashbuckling bounty hunter Kal Jerico is about to discover that some of them are best left hidden… When the sump lowers, an ancient vessel known as the Red Salvage is revealed – and Kal is hired to plumb its depths and return any riches to his employer. Along with his companions Scabbs and Yolanda, Kal ventures into the rusting wreck and faces dark horrors, desperate muties and inevitable treachery…

Written by Josh Reynolds

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