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Prometheus Requiem

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Prometheus Requiem

A Salamanders story

The elite warriors of the Salamanders Chapter, the Firedrakes, search an ancient space hulk for a long-lost prisoner, but encounter a threat that may destroy them all.

It's a story following Tsu'gan, one of the heroes of the Tome of Fire series, and his brothers as they take part in a dangerous and mysterious mission. And if you want to see what happens next, it's worth checking out Aaron Dembski-Bowden's The Core, which continues the story from the Night Lords' perspective.


The Firedrakes, elite warriors of the Salamanders Space Marine Chapter, enter an ancient space hulk in search of a great prize – a xenos prisoner taken by fellow Salamanders a century before and lost in the warp. Harried by vicious alien genestealers and beset by strange psychic phenomena, the Space Marines struggle to reach their goal, only to find that their mission may be far more difficult than they imagined.

Written by Nick Kyme.

The events of this short story intersect with the Night Lords tale The Core by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.