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Nurgle's Gift & The Tallyman (eBook)

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Nurgle's Gift & The Tallyman (eBook)

The Word Bearers clash with pustulent daemons and Plague Marines offer a dangerous bargain to disease-wracked humans in this pair of tales about the servants of Nurgle.


This ebook contains two Warhammer 40,000 short stories dedicated to Nurgle, written by Guy Haley, and Anthony Reynolds

This eBook is available to download now


Nurgle's Gift

On a world wracked by plague, new arrivals bring hope to the beleaguered populace. When the Sky Warriors emerge from the venomous mist, they come with promises of salvation from the ailments that blight the people. But a sacrifice will be required' Will the price be too high, or will the villagers be willing to give up one of their own to the tainted Space Marines?

The Tallyman

Stranded above a daemon world in the heart of the Eye of Terror, Marduk and the 34th Host of the Word Bearers venture onto the tainted planet in search of missing legionaries. But when they encounter the daemonic servant of the Plague God known as the Tallyman, they realise that their desire to save their brothers may doom them all'