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Forge Master

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Forge Master

A Space Marine Battles novella
Part 3 of the Overfiend series

The Salamanders join the war against the orks of Octavius as they board the flagship of the greenskin fleet to rescue a valuable – and dangerous – alien prisoner.

It's the dramatic conclusion to the Overfiend trilogy and sees the Salamanders burn into action aboard an ork warship.

As the war against the orks of the Octavius system grinds on, the Fifth Company of the Salamanders are assigned a dangerous – and critical – mission: to kill the Overfiend himself. But as they prepare to annihilate the beast's ship, they discover a startling secret: that a valuable alien prisoner aboard the ork warship may be the key to ending the conflict.

Written by David Annandale. This novella can also be found in Overfiend.

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