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Fearful Symmetries

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Fearful Symmetries

An Inquisition story

Inquisitor Kryptman and his Adeptus Mechanicus allies set out to discover the weaknesses of the new aliens infesting the eastern fringe: the monstrous tyranids!

It's a very different type of story from Rob Sanders, focusing on the dark underbelly of an inquisitor's work.

A new threat has emerged on the eastern fringes of the Imperium: a voracious alien swarm, made up of many species, named for the first world they destroyed: tyranids. Inquisitor Fidus Kryptman, desperate to find a way to defeat these beasts, visits a secretive Adeptus Mechanicus laboratory, with one goal: to discover more about this xenos foe. As the tech-priests open a seemingly dormant alien spore, Kryptman tests the creatures within, to discover their capabilities – and how they can be killed. But can the tyranids be contained, or do they have the inquisitor and his allies exactly where they want them?

Written by Rob Sanders

This story originally appeared in the anthology Deathwatch: Xenos Hunters

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