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Dante's Canyon

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Dante's Canyon

A Third War for Armageddon novella

The White Scars battle orks in fast-paced action on Armageddon, and the secrets of the Stormseers and their place in the Chapter are revealed.

It's always fascinating to see heroes out of their comfort zone – that's when we see who they really are. So taking the White Scars off their bikes, putting their backs up against the wall and surrounding them with orks seems like a great way to find out what makes them tick...

In the wastes of Armageddon, a strike force of White Scars Space Marines bait their ork enemies into a deadly trap. Luring the greenskins to a promethium refinery, the White Scars prepare to annihilate their foes. But one amongst the sons of Chogoris has a great destiny to fulfil, and Stormseer Kanim must keep him alive, whatever the cost to themselves or their human allies... and whether his brother wishes it or not.

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