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Cause and Effect

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Cause and Effect

A Silver Skulls short story

Sergeant Gileas Ur’ten of the Silver Skulls leads a mission against the eldar, unaware that the outcome will decide his future, as the Masters of the Chapter choose a new captain.

The Silver Skulls' reliance on their psychic Prognosticators is explored. When the Chapter refuses to act without a clear steer from these warrior-mystics, what happens when their visions are clouded and the future unclear? And could one warrior make a difference...?

The Silver Skulls Chapter of Space Marines place great value on the visions of their psykers, and follow their guidance in all matters. When Chapter Master Argentius seeks advice on whether to promote battle-brother Gileas Ur'ten to Captain of the Eighth Company, the Prognosticators are unable to provide a clear answer. While Gileas is an extremely capable warrior, he is also prone to fits of temper. Will his current mission against the eldar prove beyond doubt his capacity to lead?

Written by S P Cawkwell

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