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Bitter End

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Bitter End

A Red Corsairs short story

The renegade Huron Blackheart has a problem. He needs a way to allow his familiar, the hamadrya, to exist outside the Maelstrom. But what price will Huron pay for this feat…?

One of the enduring mysteries of Warhammer 40,000 gets some attention: just what is the strange creature that follows Huron Blackheart around? Don't expect a definitive answer, but rely on a huge amount of bloodshed and villainy as he seeks to secure its services wherever he goes.

Following the Star Phantoms' attack on the Palace of Thorns, a grievously injured Huron Blackheart survives only through making a pact with a mysterious creature known as the hamadrya. While the hamadrya imbues Huron with its strength and protection, the further from the Maelstrom he travels, the weaker its blessings become. What solution can Huron find for this conundrum, and, more importantly, what price will he have to pay for it?

Written by S P Cawkwell

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